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The 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg Land is no longer available.
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964-hohe castle hotel Coburg Land

The 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land rises a couple of kilometers remote of the German castles road (Burgenstrasse) on a wooded sand stone hill (394 meters above sea level) west of the Itztal valley. It belongs to the clearly defined and bounded-off unified topographical area Schafhof, a town part of Ahorn in the rural district Coburg, with about 4,800 residents. The distance to Coburg is about 8 km. You can enjoy a beautiful view from the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land.

Castle history

The castle was first diplomatically mentioned in the year 1306. Back then, it was owned by countess Jutta from Henneberg. In the year 1456 the gentlemen from Lichtenstein had the castle as a tenure, where they lived in until 1763. The medieval site laid a bit east of the present castle and was relative small. In the farmer war (Bauernkrieg) in 1525 it became victim of the destructive attacks of rebellious farmers.
It was burned down to the foundation walls. A
pparently, the reconstruction of the old site was turned down by the people. Instead a brand new building was built in the style of a renaissance castle, which was done in the second half of the 16th century by Michael from Lichtenstein, his sign Dompropst of Bamberg. In the Thirty Years' War (1618 to 1648) the castle once again suffered serious damages, but these could be  removed in the aftermath.

In the year 1763 Philipp Ernst, baron of Imhof, acquired the castle. The present features were given by him and his descendants. They also created a castle park. In the Third Empire (3. Reich) the family sold the castle to the former imperial post, who used it as post recreation home. After the second World War, the German federal post rented it as residential home for the elderly. In 1976 the castle changed ownership once again. It was bought from the private man Oskar Hacker from Munchen / Munich. Between 1989 and 1996 it was radically restaurated and was constructed to the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land with gastronomy.

Castle premises

The 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land presents itself as unique ensemble with surrounding park. According to the ground plan, it has the approximate form of a acute-angled triangle that pulls towards the west. The complex of buildings of different epoch encloses an irregular inner courtyard. In the core, the  964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land equals the new construction, which originated after the destruction of the old castle in the farmer war. Only a stump of the square fortification at the southeast corner of the castle defense wall is maintained. The overall impression is appointed through the historical forms of the late 19th century.

The main building of the castle is the so-called Lichtenstein construction, named after its constructor Michael from Lichtenstein. According to the inscription above the entrance, it was finished in 1571. In the east, the well preserved castle defense wall connects with the defense corridor. It's also partly integrated in the southern subsequent new building from the 19th century. A round tower from the 16th century with the inscription of a certain Wilhelm of Lichtenstein from the year 1567 served as a stair tower. A medieval gate house with a simple gate, which is not protected any further by the fortification, is built next to it. The northwest stretch of the castle is taken in by the manor house, which partly goes back to the 18th century and partly goes back to the second half of the 19th century.

The 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land

The 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land offers the flair of a century year old castle, but also has the expectations of comfort and modern furnishings. The individual outfitted hotel rooms and suites are provided with stylish furnitures, bathroom, shower and private toilet.

The hotel guest finds an unmistakable program in the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land, wether it's during a candle light dinner in the winter garden restaurant, a glas of wine in the rustical castle tavern or a dazzling festival in the big mirror hall.

Besides the manifolded possibilities of relaxation and celebrations, the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land also offers the possibility to have a meeting and to work. The seminar room is provided with modern multimedia conference equipment. Of course, other rooms can also be used for conferences, meetings and seminars.

Castle chapel

On the premises of the former medieval castle is the castle chapel. It was built in the second half of the 17th century. The building owner was presumably Christoph Freiherr from Thuna, whose marriage coat of arms hangs above the portal. The rectangular applied God's house closes off to three sides. A ridge turret rises above the roof.
The inside presents itself as a throughout room with a simple wooden ceiling, one gallery in the east and two galleries in the west.
The jewel of the chapel is the lectern with a magnificent carved small roof, which is dated in the year 1688.
The richly decorated grave monuments deserve special attention, whereby the lectern of General Philipp Ernst from Imhof († 1768) should especially be pointed out. The second grave monument behind the altar reminds of Hans Helmhard Auer from Hernkirchen († 1718).
The castle chapel is in family ownership and can be used for catholic as well as protestant marriages and other festivities. It offers about 80 seating places and about 60 additional standing places.

Castle park

The north and east side of the sand stone hill, where the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land stands, is surrounded by forests. The grove-like castle park from the 18th century stretches southwest with various exotic plants. The installed vases in pure rococo forms are a special ornament. A round temple, which is based on the antique, rises above a dragon cave. It was built in the early 19th century.

Culinary specialties under the sky.
You'll find the right ambience all around the
964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land.

Culture and free time
Different hiking paths lead from the castle hotel to the charming surroundings. The environment of the
964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land also offers varied other free time offers and culture offers.

Ahorn / equipment museum
The community Ahorn came into being in the 1972 through the combination of several towns. Besides the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg land, the castle Ahorn, which is in private ownership, and the equipment museum "Alte Schaferei" in the former sheep farm also belong to the sightseeings. Equipments from the agricultural and technical areas as well as furniture and ethnological evidences of the former dukedom Sachsen-Coburg can be seen.




964-hohe castle hotel Coburg Land near Ahorn, 2 km from Coburg on the German castles road Bavaria South Germany

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