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The 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg Land is no longer available.
Other castle hotels in Germany you find here:

Eat, drink and be merry

The hotel guest finds an unmistakable program in the 964-hohe castle hotel Coburg Land, no matter if it during a candle light dinner in the winter garden restaurant, a glass of wine in the rustical castle tavern or a great festival in the big mirror hall.

There is space for up to 50 people in the winter garden restaurant. Up to 40 people can be hosted in the wine tavern. The mirror hall in the first floor of the main building can accomodate up to 60 people, together with the music room even up to 150 people.

Treat yourself and your guests with a great experience.

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964-hohe castle hotel Coburg Land near Ahorn, 2 km from Coburg on the German castles road Bavaria South Germany

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Castle restaurant winter garden mirror hall wine tavern

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